Columbia Educational Designs and the prestigious Norwegian Center for Behavioral Research and Learning Environment have partnered to implement the ZERO antibullying program in the United States.
ZERO has already been implemented in over 150 schools in countries like the US, Norway, Poland, Ireland, and Chile.
ZERO is a systemic program that involves families, teachers, school leaders and students in improving a schools climate. 


ZERO is research based and has been proven to be highly effective in reducing and preventing bullying by up to 20% in the first year it is implemented.
This program aims to reduce bullying to zero over time.  In order to reduce bullying to this level schools must incorporate into their culture a greater propensity of respect and dignity.
ZERO is not based on conflict mediation.  There can be no mediation between a group of bullys and victims because the parties involved do not have the same bargaining power.



A British TV crew was in Norway in 2007 and made a documentary about the ZERO program. In the video you will be able to learn about the ZERO antibullying program and how it is implemented in schools in Norway.



Our work in Latin America began with the implementation of a pilot project in two schools in Calama-Chile (2012).


According the Provincial Secretary of Education at the end of the program levels of violence had declined by 25% and 28% in every school respectively, after the first year of implementation.

First project in Latin America 

Our projects in Chile, Peru, and Mexico have been supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy.